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I’ve been hearing a lot about DC garage door opener, what is it?

DC stands for direct current. Garage door openers of this kind operate only runs in use during the door opening and closing operations. As a result, there is significant reduction of power consumption. DC openers have soft start and stop features, which greatly reduce the noise during door operation.

Can I replace my one-piece garage door with a sectional one?

Yes. However, depending on the design of your garage, some modifications might be necessary. Before jumping on your decision to go for a sectional door, consult your garage door service provider ahead of time. This allows them enough time to work on the modifications.

What can I do to enhance the look of my garage door?

If you are not yet ready for a garage door replacement, our experts suggest improving the look of your existing unit by adding window inserts or decorative hardware. You may also consider insulating or painting it for a new look.

Why is my garage door shaking while moving?

Most probably, the hinges are loose. The track brackets may also be loose. Tighten the bolts and replace any broken or missing ones for best results. Lubricate the hinges and rollers for smoother performance. If you have an extension spring system, the problem could be caused by loose or broken pulleys. They should be adjusted or replaced straight away.

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