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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

We Are Same Day Repair Experts

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Super- Fast Spring Replacement

I really want to thank Garage Door Repair New Brighton for reacting to my emergency call so quickly. They were very friendly over the telephone and arrived to my place sooner than I had expected. The technicians brought a replacement spring which had the exact same specs as the original one and provided the fastest garage door spring replacement ever. All the required tests were performed to ensure everything was fine and provided lubrication on the spot. I could not have hoped for a quicker and more comprehensive garage door service. I know that I can count on these professionals for everything.

Complete Repair to Damaged Panels

Apparently, I had not taken effective measures for protecting my garage door panels from rust. They were in pretty poor condition when I called Garage Door Repair New Brighton for help. I got an appointment for the very next day and this was the first thing which I liked about this amazing service. The skilled technicians removed the rust from all panels super quickly and eventually they were as good as new. I relied on the same garage door service provider for the painting of my door and the installation of weather seals. They did an absolutely fantastic job in every respect.

New Remote in No Time

I was totally frustrated when I discovered that I had lost my garage door opener remote. A close friend recommended this service provider which I called right away. They picked up the phone instantly and confirmed that they had the right replacement unit in less than a minute. At this point, I knew I was in good hands. The experienced technician brought the new remote to my house extremely fast and did the programming for me as well. The new clicker has been working flawlessly ever since. For me, Garage Door Repair New Brighton is the best company to hire.

Really Quick Bent Track Fix

One of my garage door tracks got severely bent during an accident which involved a friend's vehicle. I contacted Garage Door Repair New Brighton for help because the company had been recommended to me by my neighbor. I did not expect them to be so fast, but they were ready with a solution in a matter of hours. They found a replacement track which had the same width and gauge as the original ones. The exceptional technicians set it in place in very little time and I was impressed with how skillfully they worked. Definitely, I will hire this garage door service in the future whenever the need arises.


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